A Guide to Fall Protection for Scaffolders

If you are assigned with a task to operate using scaffolding in Birmingham then you should be familiar with the protocols to implement on the construction site. Whether you are working on roof or scaffolding structure or, working at a particular height level — there is always risk involved.

While, a worker working on scaffolding is susceptible to falling from a height, a site manager should implement fall protection for ensuring the safety of the worker on the construction’s site. Fall protection plays a crucial role in scaffolding safety and enforcing proper fall protection procedures should be practised and implemented on most construction’s sites. It has been determined that one of the major scaffolding violations is based on failing to meet the fall protection standards when it comes to dismantling or assembling scaffolding structures.

Internal falls

It is crucial for the workers responsible for erecting scaffolds to install a deck of plants at each level of the platform. Also, they should install planks on the lift or the floor above, if they are working from a fully-decked platform.

Alternatively, the workers that are responsible for dismantling the scaffolds should be responsible for removing planks when they are standing and working on a fully-decked platform. It ensures that no worker suffers from an internal falls and it also prevents the delays of any project.

External falls

The experts often suggest using and installing guardrails during the erection process, which allows a person or an object to fall up to 2meters. It should be kept intact in a particular position until the section of the scaffolds is dismantled from its position. A risk assessment process for determining the feasibility of the guardrail’s effectiveness using the appropriate configurations should pass each scaffold structure.

Fall arrests systems:

When a worker is expected to work over or lean out from the given scaffolds without the exception of protected guardrail then, it should wear safety harnesses for ensuring its protection on the site. However, you should consider the fact that using safety harnesses can result in increasing risk of injury if it is used incorrectly, so make sure that the safety harnesses comply with safety protocols.